Giant self-standing paper ranunculus

Giant paper ranunculus

Giant self-standing ranunculus made with high quality Italian crepe paper. They are placed on a removable metal base. The diameter of each flower is about 50 cm, the height between 120 and 160 cm. In the same category

Giant white poppies

Giant white poppies

3 giant California tree paper poppies for your interior decoration. Each petal has 3 thin metal wires which let play with movement. The dimensions are H 200 cm/ 79″-W 120 cm / 47″. Diameter of the opened flowers 97 cm/38″ – 70 cm/28″ – 60 cm/24″.  In the same category

Giant fuschia paper peony for wall decor

Giant fuschia peony

Giant fuschia peony made of high quality Italian crepe paper, to hang on a wall. The flower is perfect to decorate a bedroom, a living room, a shop … It can be used for a wedding flowers wall, for a party decor, for shooting… The diameter of the flower measures about 75 cm / 30″, […]